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Date: Apr 25, 2008 

How To Make Ideas Stick

When was the last time you needed to communicate an idea and have it stick? In this presentation, Professor Chip Heath examines why some messages - mission statements, advertisements, strategies for change - make a lasting impression, while others simply fade away.

Using urban legends as examples of messages that not only stay in people's minds, but transcend cultural boundaries, Heath describes a methodology for getting ideas across so that people internalize them and take action. He provides compelling and practical insights into what is required to make your point and make it stick.

Understand what it takes to make messages easier for people to remember (the principles of simple, unexpected and concrete).

Motivate your listeners with messages that appeal to both mind and heart (the principles of credentials and emotions).

Inspire your workforce or audience with stories that capture key principles in an accessible way (the principle of stories).


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